Accounting Tips

March 18, 2019

Tips for Personal Income Tax Season

Well organized personal tax packages will be entered in to a draw for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate towards next year’s personal tax return preparation. The draw will be held after June 15. Remember, missing slips and disorganized files can cause unnecessary delays and added cost to you. During the month of April, if documents or information requested by us are not received within seven (7) days, your file will be completed as is. The missing information and slips will be processed as a Personal Income Tax Adjustment and will be billed separately later in May.

January 21, 2018

Tips for Reducing Your Accounting Fees

  • Organize your files before you bring them to our office. Make sure they are complete. If we have to do a large volume of sorting, organizing, matching and searching for information, the more time you will be billed. If information is missing, it will take longer and cost more to finish your file. Stopping and starting a file takes extra time and effort. Don’t forget we have many other clients, and the ones that have complete files will get priority. 

April 01, 2018

3 Key Money-Saving Tips for Personal Taxes:

  1. Investments

    • Request a detailed summary from your financial advisor. Foreign property & investments require a separate summary to complete the T1135 form (ask your financial advisor – Please refer to the attached Foreign Property & Investment document). 

    • Provide adjusted cost base of shares sold in the year.

    • Reconciling investments is a detailed and time-consuming process that is billed separately on your invoice.

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